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Split System : High Pressure Model U – Pipe

U-Pipe concept

The vacuum tubes absorb energy from the sun's rays and convert it into heat which is transferred by the aluminium fins to the copper U-Pipes.

The U-Pipes then pass it on to a liquid inside, which is forced to circulate by a circulation pump, thus heating the water tank and other heating systems.

The functionality of the U-Pipes' solar collector in all seasons makes it the top choice of solar collectors in the world due to the following reasons.


  • High efficiency up to 80%


  • Little space required - less than 2 times from the traditional collectors


  • Highly stable equipment and its resistance to climate factors


  • Long-lasting design


  • Easy to install with various architectural designs, and at different angles (0-90 degrees) and can also be installed in a vertical position against



  • the walls.


  • .The ability to connect in a series and set in parallel mode – can be used as a solar boiler.







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