Our products in highest quality duplex stainless steel guarantee long service life and perfect hygiene. KFP is certified to ISO 9001 : 2008, Certificate test of the EUROPEAN union (Greece) 2012, to all the required European standards. Our own test bench assures the highest in quality and reliability.



As a result of our more than thousand in­stal­la­tio­ns in UAE, KSA, Greece, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Algeria. over the past ten years, we have become one of the technology and innovation leader on the market for solar, hot water.



Our products help our customers to save energy and money. We save valuable resources through the use of renewable energies. Our high-performance facilities have minimal space requirements and provide the maximum energy return. When planning new products we take all the qualitative and economic principles into account in accordance with ecological principles.



We live in a partnership with all our customers, suppliers and employees. This relationship is characterized by honesty, commitment, openness, trust and reliability. The objective is our joint long-term success.


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