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KFP Company, Made in Syria




Domestic High Pressure Solar System

These systems are used to provide hot water for Villas, Houses, farms, Mosques……etc.

The outer body made of thermal painted galvanized steel. The inner tank made of nutritional stainless steel (SUS 304-2B).
The insulation layer between the outer and inner bodies is POLYURETHANE 5-6 cm. thick, which preserving the heat in
the inner tank for several days.
This system are characterized by their high output, quick heating, easy connection and usage. They are equipped with intelligent
controller for remote control the system from the house which provide constant temperature for hot water day or night.






The thermal heat exchanger in the tank made of nutritional stainless steel (SUS304) or copper, which guarantees the work of the
systems within pressures up to 8 bars.



  • permanent high output


  • heavy duty in all seasons (particularly in winter).


  • high anti-frost resistance.


  • ability of heat absorption (sunrays) in cloudy days


  • great saving in power.


  • relatively small size and light weight.



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