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OKU Company, Made in  Germany

OKU – solar heating of swimming-pools : The problem is all too familiar. An outdoor, unheated swimming pool, will reach its ideal bathing temperature for only three or four weeks in the height of winter. That is a very short time, when you think of the investment and maintenance you put into it.


An indoor swimming pool has to be heated all year round, even in the middle of summer. Heating a swimming pool using conventional means of energy can be costly and is also a load on the environment. That is why solar energy is the best solution. OKU-solar-panels are especially designed for this application. This is what OKU-solar heating provides: maximum efficiency and the right temperature for your swimming-pool.


Enjoy a warm and comfortable pool temperature with OKU-solar heating. It is a rewarding investment that is powered by the suns free energy and it is your contribution to protecting the environment.





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