Solar energy is absolutely the cleanest and most powerful energy source in the world and is virtually inexhaustible. It is soft energy, therefore does not have combustion residuals, so it protects the environment and helps the preservation of other energy sources.


New technology has made possible what was previously difficult to collect and reserve.


The sun generates 370 trillion watts per day; its outside temperature is 6000 C° and the average of solar radiation that reaches the earth is equal to 5 KW/h per m2.


The solar evacuated tubes absorb more than 80% from sunrays and transform it to heat. If we install solar power receptacle devices on 16,000km² in a few countries around the world, we can generate about 640 mega watts per hour every sunny day, thus reducing around 98 million
ton of CO2 that are emitted from these stations per year.


Its cost is also trivial compared to other energy means, therefore, solar heat is the most inexpensive of all others in the world; low cost and high output, which lasts a lifetime.


At present, equipment is being manufactured which uses hot water as a motor for a cooling circuit and consequently we now have air onditioners which use solar energy for cooling houses and buildings using 100% clean energy.


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