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Temperature Difference Controller TDC


System operation

The Temperature Difference Controller (TDC) is made in Germany by digital controller SOREL The system operates according to the ‘ΔT’ principle which monitors discrepancies of temperature and the solar power system completely together. It supplies all required information to the user with a great storage capacity of the achieved results from the date of installation of the system and has the possibility to convey the information in a data chart.




What Most Characterizes the System


  • 2-6-thermal sensors PT1000


  • 1-3 Exit relays


  • Control way out for the work of the pump of the solar energy system with the possibility of control of its circulation speed inverter.


  • Crystal display for data


  • Preservation of data in a curved data chart


  • Differences of temperature monitored all throughout the year


  • Acquired capacity by KW


  • Possibility of choosing the proper program from a number of programs pre-programmed in the system


  • A suitable size for installation in most houses with dimensions of L 51 mm – W 110 mm – H 163 mm.




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