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Three in One Heat Pump

A new energy saving technology wish is great solution for Golf area

The system can provide HOT & COLD water at same time, with the minimum electricity consumption using Copeland high .efficiency compressor High energy and flexible swirl design ensure the stable working and long life of the block.



Air source heat pump is technology accomplished by moving a refrigerant through the heat pump's indoor and outdoor coils Base one the fourth generation heat pump technology wish driven by only a little electricity, then constantly absorb great heat from air, it equivalents that 1 KW electricity can make 4 KW heat



air source heating system consists of heat pump machine, buffer tank and water pump and relevant valve.

An air source heat pump is made up by compressor, water – two sides heat exchanger, throttle valve, low pressure liquid storage tank and water valve, In combination with Solar System we can provide hot water and cold water in a very small Energ with more than 80% saveing.





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