The world is heading towards alternative energy due to the following two basic reasons:

Increased awareness of Global Warming
The increase in costs of producing energy

Because of our geographic location, in the Middle East, we are in a position to benefit from using solar energy as an alternative power source, as we enjoy sunshine on average 300 days a year.

That means we can save 80% of energy consumption in this respect only.
The demand for alternative energy in daily life in the Middle East and the rest of the world is becoming greater for providing hot water for omestic use, heating for large buildings, such as apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, universities, etc...

KFP has undertaken a number of turnkey projects throughout the Middle East, and furthermore, has obtained TUV-ISO 9001-2008 certification,

Certificate test of the EUROPEAN union (Greece) 2012.

Download Certificate test of the EUROPEAN union (Greece) 2012.

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