The advantages of vacuum tubes:

High efficiency temperatures with an advanced coating technology means that light is converted into a higher volume of heat than the
  verage vacuum tube
Endures extreme temperatures – The vacuum degree equals 5 x 10-³ Pa which insulates the inner tube and reduces heat emission whilst the
  infrared layer reduces the radiant emission that allows the tubes to work well in the coldest of temperatures.
Stable function and long life cycle – 36 procedures ensure coating stabilization and ensure the tube's efficiency

All vacuum tubes are manufactured in a special framework and all systems with vacuum tubes have received positive feedback by users all over the world.
Customers are happy with their increase in savings .and their reduction of emissions.


The vacuum tubes have many advantages which cannot be obtained by the traditional flat plate systems such as :

Permanent high return in all seasons– particularly in winter
High resistance to frost
Capacity of sunray absorption on cloudy days
Large savings of power
Relatively small volume
.High resistance to wind due to the space between tubes

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