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  • Vulcan provides you with an eco-friendly water treatment system which protects your water pipes and equipment against scale and rust. The method is based on the patented Vulcan-Impulse-Technology and treats your water without applying any chemicals or salt Vulcan offers you individual solutions customized to your specific needs. It is applicable for private, commercial and industrial use.



  • The 3 Vulcan effects


  • Vulcan stops limescale deposits on surfaces and in pipes.


  • Vulcan cleans the piping system.


  • Vulcan protects against rust and corrosion.


  • The technology


  • Vulcan generates a limited electric field which is transferred on the pipe with the Vulcan-Impulse-Cables. This impulse-field achieves two changes : First, it changes the structure of the scale crystals in the water. Secondly, it builds a metal carbonate layer in all metal pipes which prevents the formation of rust and corrosion.


  • Properties of Vulcan


  • Vulcan is designed for pipe diameter from 10 mm to 500 mm ( 1/2" to 20" ).


  • Vulcan works on all types of pipes: stainless steel, plastic, copper, iron, compound materials, etc.


  • Easy installation: you do not need to cut the pipes.


  • Vulcan functions reliably regardless of the speed of water in the pipe.


  • Lifetime of Vulcan is long – cast in acrylic.


  • Once Vulcan is installed as your anti-scale system. There is no need to do any further maintenance work.


  • Vulcan is produced in Germany and comes with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.



  • The 3 Vulcan effects


  • 1st effect : Vulcan stops scaling on surfaces


  • Vulcan-based water treatment does not change the original water quality but modifies the crystallization of the scale. When exposed to temperature increase or decrease of pressure liquid limescale as contained in hard and untreated water crystallizes forming a bur-like

  • structure ( pic, 1 ). These structures stick to each other, stick to surfaces and produce solid scale deposits within a short period of time.



  • Making use of the natural process of electrophoresis, the patented Vulcan-Impulse-Technology modifies the crystallization of calcium and magnesium. Now, the liquid lime in Vulcan-treated water crystallizes forming "inoffensive" mono-crystal rods ( pic, 2 ). These crystal rods cannot connect to each other and get washed away with the water in the form of fine-grained powder.


  • 2nd effect : Vulcan sanitizes the piping system


  • Two simultaneous processes take place in untreated, hard water. In the first process scale deposits build up when scale crystals connect to each. This first process produces carbonic acid, which simultaneously resolves existing scale deposits within a second process this phenomenon is called the "natural resolving process". As the incrustation process is much faster than the natural resolving process the pipes diameter constantly decreases ( pic, 3).



  • Vulcan protects the pipes against new incrustations: with Vulcan the natural scale resolving process only has to deal with the already existing calcifications. New incrustations do not disturb the process of scale removal anymore and the pipe gets gradually cleaned ( pic, 4 ). As layer always remains on the inside of the pipe.


  • 3rd effect : Vulcan protects against rust and corrosion


  • When the pipe gets into contact with aggressive, hard water an oxidation process takes place this happens especially to pipes made of copper, iron or galvanized iron ( pic, 5 ). This damage by rust and oxidation seriously affects the pipe surface and produces pitting corrosions.



  • The Vulcan-Impulse-Technology generates a controlled electrophoresis which produces a protective metal-carbonate layer. According to the pipe material, this layer consists of copper-carbonate, iron-carbonate or zinc-carbonate and settles on all blank surfaces.

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